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The world of work has changed, and so has the way you onboard. Traditional and process-driven onboarding was built for a world that no longer exists. Enboarder is the world’s first and only Experience-driven Onboarding and Transitions Platform.

Enboarder’s best-in-class-solution delivers best-in-class ROI. Taking your engagement, productivity and retention to new heights.

Our platform emphasises the value of human connection and experience, putting the employee at the centre of everything we do. With Enboarder you can turn new hires into highly engaged, long term employees and managers into onboarding rockstars!



The world has changed. Internal comms has, too!

Staffbase is an internal communications mobile app and intranet platform built to revolutionise the way you work, and unite your company.

The mobile compatibility of the company's platform allows employers to securely reach their employees everywhere with reduced complexity whether in the office, at home, on the factory floor, or on the road. Staffbase solutions give employees greater access to the corporate information that's relevant to them and tools for the modern digital workplace, including existing intranets. With headquarters in Chemnitz, Germany, and offices in Amsterdam, Cologne, Dresden, London, Munich, and New York City, Staffbase provides branded solutions for more than 400 leading companies worldwide who are transforming their employee experience including Adidas, Audi, DHL, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Paulaner, UC Health and US LBM.

Make the difference for your people and business. Staffbase's mobile-first platform includes, connects, and engages all your employees.

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Staffbase and Bananatag merge. Together, we’re creating the first true end-to-end internal communications platform. Learn more here!



Vevox is a real-time polling and anonymous Q&A platform for employee engagement. Rated number 1 by our users across Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra, Vevox makes virtual and hybrid meetings unmissable by providing participants, wherever they are located, the opportunity to have an equal say. Participants can freely interact by using the Vevox App to answer polls or contribute to Q&A’s through their smartphones or laptops. Giving your staff a voice and hearing their feedback has never been easier.

What makes it so good? Vevox is the most intuitive employee engagement technology there is, with user friendly features, that have been fine-tuned in partnership with customers just like you. Vevox users say their hybrid comms meetings have been transformed. Getting started is quick and easy and the platform can run independently as a standalone tool, or seamlessly integrates with your existing meeting tech, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, PowerPoint and other technologies, offering a one-stop solution to running successful and engaging hybrid meetings. Make your meetings more interactive, democratic – and more fun!


Webex by Cisco creates collaboration software and tools for calling, meeting, messaging, audience engagement, events, contact centers and devices, with an emphasis on ease-of-use for the user, and flexibility in allowing teams to collaborate remotely from anywhere with web access. Webex places emphasis on inclusivity; more specifically the idea that every user can be seen, heard and be able to fully participate in remote collaboration. In June 2021, they launched the Webex Suite, which offers purpose-built solutions for "hybrid work". The Webex suite features enterprise grade security, AI-powered, integrated management tools.