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Partners At The Attract, Engage, Retain Conference – Combat Shortages

Our goal is to make work happy, for everyone.

Why? Because when people are happy, they are more productive. When people feel like they make a difference, they do.

Personal Group is an employee services business, working with employers to drive productivity through better employee engagement and a healthier, more motivated workforce.

Employee Services are the things you do for your employees every day. Things like Employee Assistance Programmes, Insurance, Discounts and Rewards. And a host of other engagement tools like staff surveys, employee communications and employer loans.

These things need to be simple to use, easy to understand, and accessible to every employee, whenever and wherever they are. Making your employees’ lives easier makes them more engaged, and more productive. And that’s what we’re here for.

How do we do this? Meet Hapi.

Hapi is our simple, powerful employee services platform. And thanks to our app your employees will have all the things they need – wherever they are, in the palm of their hand.

Sound good? Have a chat with us and learn how to work happy.

Personal Group. Work happy.

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