3rd Annual One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, London, 29th June 2023

3rd Annual!

Embed Team Collaboration With Flexible Hybrid Models That Meet Employee Expectations, Embrace Technology, Attract & Motivate Top Talent & Equip & Empower Managers For Sustainable Company Cultures:

Connected Hybrid Workforces For Ultimate Engagement, Productivity & New Organisational Success

Conference programme

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Anthony Fitzpatrick, Head of Colleague Experience & Employment Policy, Aviva

Empowering & Equipping Managers

Practical Insights

Double Perspective

09.10 In An Era Of Constant Change, How Can Managers Adapt & Get To Grips With A Distributed Workforce That Demands Trust, Flexibility & Continual Support?

  • Discover tools and tactics to be a visible, knowledgeable, and nurturing manager without risking your own burnout to develop better relationships as a result
  • Ensure you and your team establish and retain a strong connection that inspires collaboration and is grounded in mutual respect
  • Understand how the changing role of the manager now involves an emotional contract between you and your colleagues; should this be the case and how can it be healthily navigated?

09.30 Perspective

Jo Daly, VP, Learning & Development, Warner Music Group

Case Study: BP’s Approach to Hybrid Working


Case Study

09.50 Learn about BP’s Approach To Flexible Working From One Of Their HR Leader’s To Maximise Staff Satisfaction & Create An Inclusive Workplace With Opportunities For All

  • Tailoring to employee needs: Find out how to make hybrid working work for a multi-generational workforce to increase staff satisfaction.
  • Listen to BP’s experience of new challenges and opportunities to making a more inclusive workspace where no one gets left behind!
  • Are you an employer of choice? Defining what being an employer of choice means nowadays and how to become one!

Miles Horca, HR VP of Mauritius and Senegal, BP 

10.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Connecting A Hybrid Team



Best Practice Sharing

11.10 Accurately Assess & Analyse Hybrid Performance To Determine The Ultimate Productive Balance Of Home & Office Working That Maximises Your Team’s Output For Exceptional Organisational & Customer Success

  • Where do employees feel they work best? Listen and incorporate employee preferences into hybrid models that are flexible and adjustable to change in
    order to work harmoniously and happily and boost productivity
  • Maximise the latest tech and tools to aid your hybrid team and support those less tech savvy so work performance is protected, and staff feel confident and clear within their roles
  • Organise realistic and manageable connection days to meet everyone in person and break that awkward screen barrier to simultaneously boost collaboration and work efficiency

Louisa Bench, HR Director Global Talent & Development, British Council

Charlie Brookes, Talent Acquisition Manager, Marriott Hotels

Suzy Jearum, Digital Employee Experience Lead, Coca-Cola Europacific

May Holloway, Head of Internal Communications, British Transport Police

Katie Sparrowzhawk, Senior Manager, EMEA Amazon Stores Talent Acquisition, Amazon

Employee Engagement & Hybrid Culture

Boost Collaboration

Double Perspective

11.40 Continually Captivate Your Team With A Work-Life Balance That Keeps Staff Engrossed, Inspired & Invigorated In The Heart Of The Organisation, Connecting Them To Your Values & Boosting Employee Experience

  • How can you create and encourage a productive environment that sustains engagement both in the office and at home, especially if you are remote?
  • Establish and embed a strong company culture so employees feel energized and connected to the work they do – stop quiet quitting in its tracks!
  • Amplify the voices of your team to discover how each works best individually and with each other, generating an environment of understanding and support to achieve greater trust
  • Develop a culture of change to ensure people are ready and adaptable, giving them the skills to be resilient through challenges and remain committed to the business

11.40 Perspective One

Amy Unchern, Head of Marketing, Higher Education – English, Cambridge University Press & Assessment

12.00 Perspective Two

Delia Matrecano, Former Head of Global Organisational Effectiveness, IKEA

Innovative Tech & Tools

12.20 Leverage Fresh, Fascinating Tech That Will Transform Your Hybrid Models By Producing Seamless Connections, Collaborations & Team Communications So Your Team Can Perform Effectively & Efficiently Remotely

  • Discover the latest technologies and how they can improve online meetings for regular check-ins and team exercises that feel more organic and optimise connectivity
  • Refresh your digital tools to ensure they are accessible, adaptable and accelerate productivity and reduce admin tasks for managers so they can build on L&D and career paths for their hybrid team
  • Update analytic innovations to track and measure performance accurately while encouraging employee feedback
  • With digitalisation on the rise, which technologies have been fundamental and will accelerate your organisational change for robust and reliable hybrid models?

Christine Reynolds, Head of Human Resources, Hachette UK

12.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

13.10 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.40 Informal Peer-Led Discussions

a. Hybrid Policies b. Work-Life Balance c. Cost-of-Living d. Remote L&D

14.10 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Sonia Gupta, Global Head Leadership Development, Diageo

Workforce Wellbeing & Mental Health



14.20 Champion & Nurture Your Team’s Mental Wellbeing By Ensuring Flexible Hybrid Working Which Supports Staff In An Overwhelmingly Digital World, Encouraging Breaks & Setting Clear Boundaries To Stimulate Healthy, Productive & Balanced Work

  • Equip managers and senior leaders with the tools and skillset to encourage a workforce culture that prioritises and protects employee wellbeing through promoting openness, frequent check-ins and adaptability when it comes to sudden change
  • Explore ways to get to know your team so that you can spot signs of struggle even when communicating remotely
  • Avoid workforce burnout by incorporating and encouraging clear lines between work and home, and knowing when your team are on breaks to allow them that rest so they return refreshed

Charissa Fiander, Director of People & Business Management, House of Commons

Katie Lloyd, Global Head of Culture & Organisational Development, The LEGO Group

Beth Aarons, Global Executive Director, Academy, Dorchester Collection

Hannah Smith, Director, Talent Partner, Fidelity International

Lucile Kamar, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, ITN

Ashley Marshall, Global Head of People & Organisational Development – Corporate Functions, Soho House & Co

Recruitment & Talent

New Inspirations

14.50 Effective & Practical Recruitment Strategies Which Raise Employee Standards Of A Flexible Work-Life Balance & Consistently Draw In & Retain Top Talent

  • Strategic workforce planning and recruitment methods to outline skills missing from your team to ensure new members add to the overall growth and organisational success
  • Determine new ways to optimise data driven hiring and development decisions to grow the best talent in your organisation
  • Balance social mobility and inclusive practices when promoting hybrid working in recruitment strategies so people don’t fall through the gaps and you’re not losing talent
  • Optimise the hybrid structure’s ability to widen the pool of talent you attract whilst remaining mindful not to exclude those that would struggle to WFH

Natasha Whitehurst, Global Inclusion & Diversity Lead, Rolls-Royce

Measuring Impact & Productivity

Data Driven Decision Making

15.10 Accurately Assess & Analyse Hybrid Performance To Determine The Ultimate Productive Balance Of Home & Office Working That Maximises Your Team’s Output For Exceptional Organisational & Customer Success

  • What is true productivity in this current climate, and how can it be measured remotely without employees having to continually prove what they’ve achieved?
  • Ensure managers avoid present bias and view productivity equally, despite not physically seeing their entire team
  • Which measurement tools and tech will accurately and reliably track performance to identify and respond appropriately to gaps in productivity that will reduce additional pressures for a motivated and engaged workforce
  • How can we ultimately ensure customer success?

Diversity & Inclusion

New For 2023

15.30 Confidently Drive Powerful, EDI Strategies That Insist On Accessibility Within The Hybrid Model To Recruit & Support A Diverse & Inclusive Workforce That Is Welcomed Remotely & Vastly Improves Social Mobility

  • Keep D&I at the forefront of your hybrid agenda with empathetic, unbiased and authentic attitudes that make all employees feel included and uplifted so that positivity is reflected in their work
  • Proactively seek out and use technologies that make the job roles you advertise accessible to all neurodivergent or disabled candidates to widen the pool of talent you attract and make the workplace more supportive
  • How can EDI leaders and potential leaders effectively utilise the hybrid model to step up and shine remotely?
  • Hybrid working can work both ways for D&I, it widens the pool of talent and/or or excludes those unable to work from home…Learn best practices to maximise the benefits of home into recruitment strategies to ensure diverse talent is not missed

Hamira Riaz, Executive Talent & Assessment Director, Lloyds Banking Group

15.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

16.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Remote L&D

Effective Leadership

16.50 Design & Develop Clear Career Goals For New & Current Members Of Staff By Ensuring They Receive Thorough & Motivating Training & Development Opportunities That Align With Business Missions In Order To Thrive In The New Hybrid Model

  • Create an impressive and accessible blended learning programme that immerses new colleagues into the running of the job while showcasing the values of the organisation within
  • Establish strong development paths that remote workers can feel excited to progress to and see inspiration increase and more dedicated engagement as a result
  • Encourage seniors to participate in their own L&D training in order to set examples and motivate wider staff to participate in L&D opportunities to improve relationships, solidify company culture and drive collaboration

Deborah Gledhill, Head of Learning, Financial Times

The Future of Hybrid

Case Study

17.10 The Hybrid Model Is Here To Stay, But What Should Leaders Prepare For Next? Future-Proof Your Company’s Ability To Adapt & Remain Resilient In The Face Of Changing Employee Expectations To Successfully Implement Hybrid Working During Economic Crisis

  • Is it time for Hybrid 2.0? Overcome leadership challenges in deciding how to implement sustained hybrid working by using fresh initiatives to get staff engaged and avoiding burnout
  • Examine which organisations continued with hybrid working or had to quickly adapt during the pandemic as teams demand clearer comms on what their employers require from them, and use this to inform future work policies to win financial success
  • As budgets are squeezed, learn how to select sustainable tech and tactics to boost hybrid strategies and achieve a seamless working day wherever you are based
  • Get to know your team to determine who works well where to gain maximum productivity and use of a varied skillset to ultimately benefit the business

Jeremy Gautrey-Jones, Assistant Director Employee Experience, Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals

17.10 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Sonia Gupta, Global Head Leadership Development, Diageo